Rent-a-car SAVIAN

Si chiar daca ne laudam orasul suntem cu picioarele pe pamant. Pentru ca uneori lucrurile par sa se miste atat de incet, iar uneori parca nu se misca deloc...
Ce te deranjeaza cel mai tare in Sibiu?

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Atentie la SAVIAN rent-a-car de pe Sos. Alba Iulia ca nu va returneaza banii pentru combustibil! Va dau masina cu rezervorul gol si daca ai jumatate de rezervor nu iti dau banii inapoi pentru motorina ramasa si astfel se fac cu niste bani furati.

Cititi cu atentie contractul!

Eu am patit-o ca am pus 33l de motorina si s-a stricat masina. Am primit inapoi banii pe care i-am dat dar motorina in valoare de 200 de lei a ramas la ei! :!:

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Noroc ca nu prea am treaba cu inchiriatul masinilor :D oricum mi se pare un pic cam scump ...

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eu si asa nu prea sunt de acord cu hotii astia de la rent!aveti grija cu ei!

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SAVIAN rent a car. Absolute assholes!!!!
I rented a mercedes for over 50 euro a day. Shocks where completely worn down, car was a disaster.
window wipers didn't work, etc etc.. In winter not a good thing and I have been in some very dangerous situations.
One bad experience doesn't mean the company is bad... Well.... Then this

The next week I rented a Fiat, still in winter, with snow etc..
Window wipers completely worn down, again in dangerous situations, heating didn't work, airco dindn't work, it was impossible to open the diesel deposit.. Early in the morning I was standing at the petrol station impossible to fuel it up!! Called... Ahhh, machina are defecta!! Yeah, sure.. I had to force it to open it!!!! This all happened after I had to wait for over 20 minutes because the car was all steamed up on the inside after I started it. Had to open my suitecase to find something to clean the windows on the inside...
After... flat tire.... Bad quality tires????
Texted them, with my list of complaints,,, no answer... End of the day I got a call.. When will I be back?
I told them, can be 20.00 or 21.00, I am not sure. Well then it's better to bring the car back the next morning. I agreed..
Next day, my complaints where all bullshit, I was wrong, the car always functioned, and...they charged me for the extra night I stayed with the car..
This is the worst company you can rent a car with... Never go there, the woman is a bitch!!! The cars are shit and very expensive!!!!!!!

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